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For over 10 years John Apollo has been serving the Miami-Dade community evaluatiuon over 1,000 patients.

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A routine eye exam is an opportunity to check that you can see clearly, with or without corrective lenses, and that your eyes are healthy.

An eye exam meant for children to monitor eye development.

When high blood sugar levels cause damage to the blood vessels in the retina you have diabetic retinopathy. If you are diabetic it is important to have a comprehensive eye exam done every year.


During a comprehensive eye exam the doctor will measure the pressure of your eyes and asses the optic nerve to determine if a patient has signs of Glaucoma.


Macular Degeneration is when the part of the eye responsible for sharp, central vision wears down. Your doctor can check the health of your macula during the dilated part of the eye exam.


If you wear or are interested in wearing contact lenses, the doctor needs to perform an evaluation to make sure the contact lens is fitting properly on your eye and it is not harming the health of your eye.


There are special contact lenses designed for patients with corneal conditions. These lenses include Toric Lenses for Astigmatism, Multifocal Contact Lenses, Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses, Scleral Lenses and Keratoconus.


Keratoconus is when the cornea becomes thin and cone shaped. Your doctor can diagnose this and provide the best treatment option to help you attain the best vision.


Myopia control consists of different treatments to slow down the progression of myopia in children. This is important because it helps to reduce vision threatening complications associated with high myopia later in life.


If your eyes are red, itchy, and gritty you may have dry eye syndrome. During your comprehensive eye exam, your doctor can diagnose if you have dry eyes and identify the issue causing it.


Any sudden change in your vision or eye pain, discharge, redness or discomfort might indicate an ocular emergency.


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Hi! I am John Apollo and thank you for your interest and for visiting my page. I am extremely passionate about helping patients and all things Optometry. For over 10 years I have been working at clinics, hospitals and small business Optical locations throughout Miami Dade. I have evaluated thousands of patients throughout the years. I look forward to having you as a patient so please Book an Appointment.

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